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Every system stands or falls by its acceptance by its operators.


3tn Industriesoftware GmbH was founded by Thomas Niepmann and Thorsten Toenjes after several years of working together on warehouse management projects in the metal industry.

Their business plan was to develop customer-specific software solutions for optimizing material movement, specifically adapting to metal industry user requirements. This plan has been consistently followed ever since.

Meanwhile, 3tn is proud to be one of the market leaders especially in Germany, but also with successfully implemented international solutions as in the U.S., Australia and the Netherlands.

All of our customers are major and global players in the metal industry.


The 3tn team consists of software developers, computer scientists and engineers. Their expertise covers every stage of a project, from analyses and feasibility studies, through software development, all the way to project completion, start-up and user training. Experienced technicians ensure comprehensive after sales support and constant on-call service.


Thorsten Tönjes had been working for the Material Flow and Logistics Institute of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Dortmund for ten years before the formation of 3tn, and from 1997 had led the department for control and guidance systems.

Thomas Niepmann had been an employee of Siemens AG from 1991, most recently as a sales representative and project leader for the mechanical engineering and technical services department in Essen servicing regional steel industry projects.